Our mission, vision, & values

We’re on a mission

Empowering today’s small businesses with innovative strategies that drive long-term success.

We have a vision

To be the trusted advisor small businesses turn to for innovative development strategies.

Our Core Values

Our values are our why and guide us in everything we do.

    • Innovation: At 615i, we believe that companies (and people) should always be innovating. Always thinking ahead to what’s next and how you can improve. And we want to work with others who want to be on the leading edge as much as we do.
    • Courage: Being innovative means taking risks (calculated ones, of course!). We think outside the box and want clients to do the same. Challenge the status-quo. Get out of your comfort zone. Afterall, it’s outside of your comfort zone that the best things happen.
    • Commitment & Dedication: We love a good challenge. We don’t give up until we’ve tried every possible solution. We’re dedicated to achieving the best results. “Good enough” will never suffice. We’re happy when we’ve exceeded your expectations.
    • Honesty: We have a lot of experience at 615i, but we don’t pretend to have all the answers. Our sweet spot is in partnering with niche experts who can give our clients the advantage they need to get ahead.
    • Humility: When you work with us, we ask that egos are checked at the door. It’s important that we all work together, put our pride aside, and ask questions. That’s how we’ll achieve the best possible results.


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tina for a few years in various leadership capacities. Her forward-thinking will be a tremendous boost to any company or organization looking for a strategic edge.”

Jody Thomas
Executive Director
National Foundation for Women Legislators


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