An idea without a plan is just a dream

Hope is not a strategy.

At 615innovations, we take a holistic approach to strategy and consulting. While we certainly analyze business models, products, and processes, we also consider intuition, creativity, empathy, emotions, and self-awareness – everything that makes people, both consumers and employees, tick. If you want to be at the forefront of your industry, looking beyond your products and processes will reveal where your true transformation will derive.

Sustainable Growth

Leaders today need to create an environment where trust, empathy and transparency come first. We’ll take an unbiased look into your business and help you make critical decisions.

Purpose Over Profits

Recent studies show that society wants leaders who are driven by purpose and meaning. Together we’ll define your purpose, break down walls, and build a culture where profits come naturally.

Optimize Opportunities

Our holistic approach allows us  to uncover your strengths and opportunities deep within your organization. Let’s make sure your path to innovation is one of least resistance.

Want to discuss your business development strategy?


We can help you with the whole process or step in where needed.

  • Culture design
  • Operational strategy evaluation & implementation
  • New product development or revamp


How we’ll help you:

  • Inspire your team
  • Create transparency
  • Optimize talent
  • Build business cases
  • Pitch investors and decision makers


Why work with 615i?

  • We’re experts in ideation and convincing decision makers why they should invest in a new member offering or a new service line. We’ve had ideas, built business cases, and implemented impactful strategies that changed the game for organizations and ensured lasting success.
  • We know what it’s like to have an unmotivated workforce. We can help you transform your organization’s culture to be a place where your team actually wants to come to work, and do more than they’re expected.
  • Our founder has served on numerous Boards of Directors and leadership positions responsible for creating and guiding the organizations. She was a multi-year award winner for governing task forces and received many accolades for her efforts in designing new strategies that lead to increased revenue and heightened brand recognition.


Social media tracking services boost revenue for government relations firm

In the public policy and government relations (GR) industry, GR professionals are responsible for identifying and tracking all proposed and enacted legislation and regulations at the federal, state and local levels. As social media continued to gain more and more popularity, we realized businesses can use social media for more than advertising and communicating with customers. They can use it to learn what lawmakers are saying about their policy issues.


Let’s discuss your strategy.

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