How to Make an Effective Sales Pitch

Published: January 23, 2023

Author: Tina Phillips

Categories: Sales

How many times have you lost a prospect in the first conversation? The best way to avoid that is by having an effective sales pitch. Sales pitches are all about getting your prospect excited to do business with you. However, a boring sales pitch can also kill your chances of closing a deal. Before we move on to how to make an effective sales pitch, let’s start with the definition. 

What is a sales pitch?

Sales pitch: a speech that is given in order to persuade someone to buy something.  This can be a conversion over the phone or in person, an email, a message on social media or any other time you tell someone about your product or service with the purpose of selling it. As you can imagine, there are several ways you can do that, but you should always have a well thought out script you can use as a guide and to stay consistent. 

Sales Pitch Script

Introduction: Start by sharing a fact about the industry or about a relevant topic that your audience may not already know. For example: “Did you know that an effective sales pitch can increase your chances of converting your prospect to a customer by 70%. 

Since 615innovations provides sales consulting, we provided a fact about the sales process that is important for our prospects to know and that 615i can address if we are hired. 

Then you can introduce yourself and your company. Your introduction should include the reason why you are reaching out to them. They have a pain – that they may or may not know of – and you can help solve that pain. 

Value proposition: Here is where you tell your prospect how you can help them with the pain point you mentioned. Share success stories you had with other clients, show your “unique selling proposition” (USP) and discuss all the benefits the prospect would receive by doing business with you. Paint a detailed picture of how your company can create a better future for them. 

Call-to-action: Finally, an effective sales pitch should have a call-to-action at the end. Show your prospect that you have a structured sales plan and have the next steps are ready and waiting for them. 

How to Make Your Sales Pitch Effective

  • Understand your audience: 

Always have your brand personas in mind. Each persona will have a different pain point and benefits they care about and you should know which ones to mention during your sales pitch. Bring your product/service to their world and give practical examples of how it can help them.   

  • Define the next steps:

Not every prospect will be ready to purchase after a single pitch and sometimes you are not even talking to the decision maker. Be realistic and think about what your goal is with this sales pitch. It could be, for example, to get a demo call or sign up for a free trial. Choose your final call-to-action based on your goal.

  • Be clear and concise: 

Whether your sales pitch is written or spoken, be clear and concise. Long, complicated sentences demand more concentration and you risk losing your prospect’s attention. In addition, think if the person you are speaking to will understand technical terms and industry jargons, and adapt your sales pitch. 

  • Leverage facts and data:

Statistics and facts are great to prove a point, but they can also make your pitch boring. Humanize your data by putting it into perspective, making it engaging and memorable. But still, be careful with the amount of data you mention. You don’t want to give it all away! 

  • Be human:

People do business with people. Show your prospects that your company has a personality. Make them feel related and connected by emphasizing your mission and values.  

We know it’s a lot, but an effective sales pitch is key to closing more deals. If you feel overwhelmed or aren’t sure if the pitch you created is effective and persuasive, don’t fret. We’re here to help! Together we can go over your sales strategy and create a stellar sales pitch. Thanks to today’s digital world, 615i is able to provide sales consulting in Nashville and beyond. You can book a call using our contact page or email us at [email protected] for more information!



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