Focus on your purpose and sales will follow


The goal isn’t to sell. It’s to solve a problem.

​When it comes to sales, your goal is twofold: to be a resource and to solve a problem. If you do those things right, your offering should sell itself. Of course, that is a lot easier said than done and there are a lot of factors that contribute to achieving those goals.

Reach Your Customers

Today’s consumers want to buy from those they trust. Make sure you are a credible resource they can easily find when they need you, and that their purchase is quick and painless.

Boost Sales Performance

Are you giving your sales force the support they need? Are you incentivizing and motivating them? Let us review your current structure then provide recommendations for optimal performance.

Improve Your Process

Properly align the strengths of your people while equipping them with the best tools and technologies for the best customer experience.

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We can help you with the whole process or step in where needed.

  • Solution Validation
  • Strategy Improvement
  • People and Process Review & Restructuring
  • Sales and Marketing Collateral Assessment & Design
  • Fundraising Strategy Evaluation & Support


Why work with 615i?

  • We’ve been in B2B and B2C sales for over a decade and have generated tens of millions of dollars in top-line revenue. In 2018-2019, we grew one client’s portfolio 19% while achieving a retention rate of 93%.
  • The 615i team also possesses ample experience fundraising hundreds of thousands of dollars for non-profits.
  • We’re experts in running national sales efforts for B2B organizations.


Forecasting revenue the right way

The Situation:
​Not being able to provide reliable revenue forecasts for senior management, the C-Suite and investors is risky, costly, and quite frankly, embarrassing. If you can’t accurately predict how much money is coming in then you can’t plan for new projects, you can’t make big investments in your company’s future, and, at worst, you can’t pay your people.

The Solution: Leverage a state-of-the-art CRM that is customized, intuitive, and user-friendly.
​Granted, there are a whole host of challenges that come with getting a new CRM or changing CRM’s (i.e., people’s aversion to change, user training, maintenance, data quality, etc.), however, this tool is the very foundation of just about any organization.

The biggest hurdle with implementing a new CRM is making sure that all senior leadership is bought-in to its benefits. Middle management and above need to be relentless about data entry, because without timely, update-to-date data the tool will never serve its purpose.

With this client, we started by poking holes in their current process and were honest about where their current system was failing them. From there, we showed them what a customized, user-friendly tool can do. How they could cut and slice the data in the ways they needed it. How they could better monitor relationships with clients, prospects and industry partners. How they could quickly and easily get transparency into all accounts and share documents and information across teams, all in one place.

The Outcome:

  • Increased finance team’s efficiency by 30%
  • Improved current investor confidence and gained 3 new investors

The client also noticed:

  • 55% decrease in time to close customer service tickets
  • 11x increase in customer conversations
  • 12% increase in paid memberships


The client felt more confident in their business overall, not just in forecasting revenue projections, but also in their conversations with clients and prospects. It enabled easier collaboration among business units and the sales force said they liked that they were able to qualify their leads better, which allowed management to better forecast.


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