The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing at all

People don’t remember companies.
They remember brands.

​A powerful story that resonates with your target audience, inspires action and brings about change is every marketer’s dream, and—needless to say—just good business sense.

Start with the Basics

What’s your mission & vision? What’s your story? Is your team onboard? Are your customers convinced? Your brand is what sets you apart & keeps everyone coming back.

Keep Your Sanity

Ever tried to create & manage digital campaigns? What a nightmare! Leave implementation to the experts to avoid wasting resources, and losing your sanity.

Impact Change

Bill Gates’ adage “Content is King” has never been truer. We can help you design and deliver purposeful content that keeps your brand top-of-mind and drives meaningful action.

Interested in learning more?


We can help you with the whole process or step in where needed.

  • Brand Development & Lifecycle Support
  • Content Creation
  • Content Distribution & Advertising
  • Activation & Experiential
  • Sponsorships


We’ll help you with what’s most meaningful for your business.

  • New logo design
  • Crafting your story
  • SEO
  • Public relations
  • Creating memorable content through blogs, photography, videography, sales collateral, etc.
  • Generating FOMO for your products or services through never-seen-before experiential events


Why work with 615i?

  • Experienced in developing and leading all aspects of traditional and digital marketing functions for multi-million dollar organizations.
  • Served on countless non-profit membership committees.
  • Experienced in identifying, establishing, and maintaining strategic industry-partnerships for brand awareness and mutual gain.
  • Managed all aspects of organizations’ participation at national trade shows and conferences including identification of shows, logistics, booth design, event planning, promotional products, etc.


Creating a unique value proposition for a live music venue.

​Learn how we boosted concert attendance and merchandise sales while building a larger following to provide growth opportunities for years to come.


Let’s discuss your marketing strategy.

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