How to define your ideal target buyer (free guide included!)

Published: April 27, 2022

Author: Carolina Hollnagel

Categories: Branding, Marketing

You probably know your target audience,  which includes broad demographics such as age range, gender and location of your ideal client. Your customer persona  – also known as your buyer persona, marketing persona or persona avatar – goes beyond those few details though by  describing your ideal customer as if it was a real person, including personality, hobbies, and even challenges in life. 

In B2C it is simple. Your customer persona is (9x out of 10) the end user. However, in B2B, the buyer persona can range and you could be selling to more than one person, especially when selling a complex or expensive service or product. Other customer types in the B2B world are the end user,  an influencer or the main contact who is the one leading the charge and responsible for the purchase, but may not have final sign-off.  Therefore, the number of personas your business needs depends on who is involved in the buying process.  

But why are buyer personas important?

First, by understanding your ideal customers you will be able to know what their needs and priorities are and develop a product or service to solve their problems perfectly. From a marketing perspective, it will be your guide to create an effective strategy, defining your content, visuals, and messaging voice tone. Lastly, when you go into minute detail of identifying your buyer persona(s), you start to see where and how to market to this audience; how exactly to get in front of them – and not just digitally! – so they become aware of your brand/product – and eventually make a purchase. 

So, how Do I Create a Buyer Persona for My Business?

You can start by downloading our “Developing Your Buyer Persona Guide” below!  But if you need more help, buyer persona creation is part of our Back-2-Basics workshop, which also includes a complete brand persona development including mission, vision, your story, your why and most importantly, your value proposition – what makes you unique. You can book a call using our contact page or email us at  [email protected] for more information! 


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